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If you can't find the answer to your question here then please email [email protected] and our team will be happy to assist.

Topics on this FAQ page:

Course Access

How many times can I watch a course?

You can watch and access the course content as often as you like during your access period. The access is however only for your personal use and should not be shared with others. 

Can I watch a course on a mobile device? 

Yes. All our courses are designed for mobile and desktop.

Can I watch a course on more than one device?

Yes, you can watch on all of your devices. Just be aware that access is for your personal use only and should not be shared with others.

Can more than one person watch the course I bought?

No. Course access is intended for your personal use only. Any use beyond this would be in breach of our terms and would require express permission from Radiopedia Events Pty Ltd.

I bought a single course. Can I now change to an all-access pass?

Some courses come with an inbuilt option to upgrade to an all-access pass within 30 days of purchase. If such an offer is not available to you, then you can try contacting our team via [email protected] for assistance.

Will my course access automatically renew?

No. Unlike those sneaky subscription services out there, all our courses expire without you needing to cancel and do not auto-renew. We will never charge you for a course automatically. Voluntary renewal options are available to you after your access expires. 

Is it possible to trial a course?

We do not have any trial options or demos per se, however we do have a free featured video page where some of our lectures are shown throughout the year, and we also have some free stuff.

If you are looking for large group access to a course then you can contact us via [email protected] to arrange for a discounted quote and possible trial depending on your situation. 

All-Access Pass

Is an all-access pass one payment for access to all courses?

Yes, that is exactly what it is. You pay a single 12 month price and you can then register for any course, lecture collection and our annual virtual conference for free during that period.

For the virtual conference, your pass expiry date must be at least 30 days after the conference begins in order for your registration to proceed and you will be required to renew prior to accessing the conference in this situation. 

How do I use my all-access pass?

When your all-access pass is active, you can visit any individual course or lecture collection directly and click the CHECK ACCESS button within the all-access pass box to register for free.

You can also register quickly for a course by visiting the official courses page and lecture collections page and clicking the REGISTER FOR FREE buttons.

Can I use my all-access pass on new courses?

Yes. You will be able to register for any new online course that is released while your All-Access Pass is active. 

Can I use my all-access pass to register for the annual virtual conference?

Yes. Your pass must however extend for at least 30 days after the conference begins otherwise you will be required to renew prior to registering. This is to prevent people being able to attend two consecutive annual conferences with a single 12 month pass.

Will my all-access pass automatically renew? 

No. Unlike those sneaky subscription services out there, our All-Access Pass expires without you needing to cancel and does not auto-renew. Optional discount renewal will be available to you from 30 days prior to your pass expiry and after expiry. We'll contact you to let you know when your expiry is coming up.

Can I renew my all-access pass before it expires? 

Yes, you can pre-renew from 30 days prior to your pass expiring. 

Can I buy an all-access pass for less than 12 months?

No. We only offer 12 month passes or longer passes for some large groups. Access for less than 12 months is not possible.

Does supporter status come with an all-access pass?

No. Supporter status has some perks but does not come with course access at this time. Gold and radium supporters are however eligible to use the concession pricing when purchasing an all-access pass.

Virtual Conference

* these answers apply to Radiopaedia 2021 and will be updated for Radiopaedia 2022 soon

When can I watch the 2021 conference lectures?

On-demand lectures for each day of the conference will be released at UTC 0:00 on the corresponding date for that day (July 19-23) and will remain available for 30 days after the conclusion of the conference, or for 90 days if you are an all-access pass holder. Simply click the blue DAY 1, DAY 2 etc. buttons on the main conference page to see the on-demand lectures. 

For example, all Day 1 lectures will be available after UTC 00:00 on Monday 19 July 2021. Depending on where you live, this may mean that the lectures become available during the afternoon and evening of the day before. This will be the case for attendees in the Americas. 

What time are the lectures? Will they suit my time zone?

All lectures are available on-demand and therefore you do not need to worry about timezones. You can play them at whatever time of day you like. 

The live-stream page will show the same lectures that are available on-demand but will allow delegates to watch together and to chat. The live-stream schedule has sessions starting every 4 hours for the whole 5-day event, so that no matter where you are in the world, you will be able to watch some live sessions. 

Can I watch both the advanced and general stream lectures?

Yes. All delegates can watch any on-demand lecture or live session irrespective of whether it is in the advanced stream or general stream. The content is simply divided into two streams for convenience.  

Is there a deadline for conference registration

Yes. You will not be able to register for the conference after Friday 23 July 2021, even if you have an all-access pass. All attendees must register by Friday 23 July 2021 (Day 5 of the conference). 

Will the conference lectures be added to the all-access pass afterwards?

Many of the Radiopaedia 2021 lectures will be added to the all-access pass as exclusive content during the second half of 2021, however, some lectures, panel discussions and live cases will be available only during the conference itself.

I'm having playback issues, what can I do?

We use Vimeo players for our conference. Vimeo recommends using the auto setting and if you continue having issues, close all other browser tabs and open the page in an incognito mode on Chrome. 

Do I have to watch on the day to get the certificate? 

No. You do not need to watch live or on the day of the event to get the certificate. You can watch the on-demand lectures at any time during your access period, which extends for 30 days after the event for conference-only delegates and 90 days for all-access pass holders. 

Do I need to complete the review questions?

No, you do not need to complete the questions to receive a certificate. The review questions are provided to increase your learning. If you miss the review questions on the live sessions then you can access these directly from the on-demand version of the talk. 

I registered for conference-only, but can I now upgrade to an all-access pass?

Yes. When logged in you can visit the upgrade section of the conference page to make an extra payment. 

Can I register just for one of the days?

No. Unfortunately, registration is only available for all 5 days. 

What do the different tiers mean? Does tier 1 give me more content?

The pricing tiers are based on your country and are designed to promote global affordability. No matter which tier you are in, you will still be able to access exactly the same conference content as other tiers. check your country tier

Concession status & Country Tiers

Am I eligible for the all-access pass concession pricing?

Concession al-access pass pricing is open to non-doctors and trainee doctors, including registrars, residents and fellows. After purchase, you will be required to provide supportive evidence such as a student card or letter from your employer stating your current role. 

Consultant/Attending doctors are not eligible for concession status unless they are Radiopaedia Gold and Radium Supporters. If you are retired then you may wish to contact our team to get permission to use concession pricing.

What evidence do I need to supply for concession status?

After all-access pass purchase you will be required to provide supportive evidence such as a student card or letter from your employer stating your current role meets our concession eligibility criteria.

Are there any discounts for students, military or retirees?

Concession pricing for all-access pass is open to non-doctors and trainee doctors, including registrars, residents and fellows. Retirees should contact our team to get permission to use concession pricing. Military discounts are not available.

How do I check my country tier?

You can check your country tier here. Our tier 4 country list is based on the WHO Hinari groups A and B. Tier 1, 2 and 3 are based on World Bank GNI data.

Are concession and country tier discounts available for single courses? 

No. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to offer concession and country tier discounts for individual courses.  We only offer these for our all-access passes and annual virtual conference. 

Certificates & CME

How do I receive my certificate? 

You can download a PDF of your completion certificate for any eligible course by visiting the courses section of your profile page. Many courses also have a certificate download button within the course itself. Certificates can be downloaded even after your course access expires.

Can I change the name or country on my certificate? 

Yes. If you visit your profile settings you can change your name and country. This will then update on your course certificates when you download them again.

Please be aware that you should only ever use your own legal name and country of residence, and that any unusual activity such as multiple name changes may result in your account being terminated.

How does CME and CPD work with courses?

Given the global nature of Radiopaedia, it is not possible for us to pre-accredit our courses with every professional medical society/organization around the world.

It is however likely that many of our courses will be eligible for online learning credits with professional societies (eg. Royal College of Radiologists, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists) however if you want to be certain we recommend that you contact your accreditation organization directly.

At this point our course are NOT eligible for AMA PRA Category 1 Credits. The Radiopaedia 2021 Virtual Conference had an optional add-on of 30 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits provided by orbit CME. It is not yet know if the same offer will be provided for Radiopaedia 2022.  

Trouble Shooting

I’m trying to buy a course but my payment is failing.

Most often this happens when your bank declines the payment due to insufficient funds. Rarely the payment may be blocked by your bank for another reason and you may need to contact your bank. 

If you continue to experience issues, then you may wish to contact our team via [email protected] and we can try to arrange an alternative payment method although this is not always possible.

I purchased the wrong course. What can I do?

You should email [email protected] as soon as possible and let them know. They will then help to switch you to the intended course or issue you a refund if appropriate.

I bought a course but can’t find it on my account.

First check which email address you used for the purchase. If this does not match the email used for your Radiopaedia account, then you could change your account email address to that email in your settings.

Alternatively, if you wish to keep the existing email address you use for Radiopaedia, then email [email protected] and we can manually add the course for you. Please advise which address you used and/or the last 4 digits of your credit card in order to assist our staff. 

I bought a course but didn’t receive a confirmation email.

First, check your spam/junk folder in case it has gone there. If you still can't find it, then it may be that you used a different email to make the purchase or that you typed your email address incorrectly. If so, you will need to email our team via [email protected] so we can correctly apply the course to your account and manually send you a confirmation email.

I’m having trouble logging into my account. 

You may not have verified your email address. Search your inbox (or spam folder) to find the verification email.

You may have forgotten your password and may need to go through a password reset.

You may not actually have an account yet. If so, you can simply create a new account.

I’m having trouble verifying my email.

Sometimes the verification email may go to your spam/junk folder so be sure to check there.

It may be that you entered your email address incorrectly when creating your account. If so, you may need to restart the process of creating a new account.

I’m having trouble resetting my password. 

Sometime the password reset email will go to your spam/junk folder so make sure you take a look in there.

I’m getting poor video playback. 

We use Vimeo players for our courses. Vimeo recommends using the auto setting and if you continue having issues, close all other browser tabs and open the page in an incognito mode on Chrome. 


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