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Radiopaedia has become one of the most trusted sources for health professionals around the world and is having a particularly strong impact in low and middle-income regions who often lack adequate educational resources. 


In 2019, Radiopaedia served 180 million pages to over 24.3 million individuals from every single country on earth. 

Over the past 13 years, our dedication to allowing the global health community to share knowledge via Radiopaedia has shown steady organic growth, not just in terms of readers, but also in terms of content. Just in 2019 over 3200 cases were contributed and 1138 new articles were written, bringing our total to public 34788 cases and 13438 articles (as of Jan 1st 2020). 


Below are some stories of how Radiopaedia is helping people from around the world. During the 2019 December Supporter Drive, we also published a collecting of some to letters we received over the preceding few months. They can be read here.  


Congratulations on an absolutely incredible website.
You have really made a difference to Radiology.
I am proud to be a supporter.

Gerrie (Australia)



I can't find the best way how to thank you for everything, starting from sharing medical education all over the world, in addition to providing free access for low-income countries and many other things so God bless you and I wish you and your families all the success.

I'm from West Bank, Palestine. Growing up here has rooted my bond to the people in my country— a relatively homogeneous society where little minorities are very intendedly and carefully respected in the midst of a tumultuous Middle East. I’ve always observed the meshwork of our society and have always aspired to be a change leader, choosing my way into medicine.

Through medical school, I depended a lot on Radiopedia, really it helped me by deepening my understanding and expanding my medical knowledge. Thank you very much.

Ghaith (West Bank, Palestine) is the most used site we use for education and seeing cases here in Egypt. All radiology residents and specialists use it for studying and for reviewing articles while reporting cases. I'm working in one of the centers in Alexandria, Egypt where all the doctors use Radiopaedia for quick information while reporting cases.

Mostafa (Alexandria, Egypt)



I am truly grateful for having such an incredible opportunity of using as an infinite source of knowledge and radiological cases! I use it every day. I use it for differentiation of normal anatomy and pathology, for comparing different cases, for checking myself in quizzes and your daily case reports on Facebook. It is literally my indispensable guide in radiology and radiological anatomy. Thank you for what you are doing!



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