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Renal transplant related complications

The recipients of renal transplants are susceptible to a number of complications. The incidence of each is variable and partially subject to specific surgical transplantation techniques and management patterns.  Pathology Renal transplant complications These can be broadly categorized as peri...

Tibialis posterior muscle

The tibialis posterior muscle is one of the small muscles of the deep posterior compartment of the leg. Summary origin: upper half of posterior shaft of tibia and upper half of fibula between medial crest and interosseous border, and adjacent interosseous membrane. insertion: navicular and me...

Pes planus

Pes planus is a deformity of the foot where the longitudinal arch of the foot is abnormally flattened and can be congenital or acquired.  Terminology Pes planus is also known as flatfoot, planovalgus foot or fallen arches 7. Epidemiology Pes planus may occur in up to 20% of the adult populat...

Calcaneal inclination angle

The calcaneal inclination angle (also known as the calcaneal pitch) is drawn on a weight-bearing lateral foot radiograph between the calcaneal inclination axis and the supporting horizontal surface. It is a measurement that reflects the height of the foot framework, but is affected by abnormal ...

Maxillary sinus

The maxillary sinus (or antrum of Highmore) is a paired pyramid-shaped paranasal sinus within the maxillary bone which drains via the maxillary ostium into the infundibulum, then through hiatus semilunaris into the middle meatus. It is the largest of the paranasal sinuses. Summary location: pa...

Meary's angle

Meary's angle or talus-first metatarsal angle has been used to identify the apex of deformity in patients with pes cavus and pes planus on lateral weight-bearing foot radiographs. Measurement It is the angle between a line drawn from the centers of longitudinal axes of the talus and the first ...

Computed tomographic (CT) colonography

Computed tomographic (CT) colonography, also called CTC, virtual colonoscopy (VC) or CT pneumocolon, is a powerful minimally invasive technique for colorectal cancer screening. Indications screening test for colorectal carcinoma colon evaluation after incomplete or unsuccessful conventional c...

Crista terminalis

The crista terminalis is a smooth muscular ridge in the superior aspect of the right atrium, formed following resorption of the right valve of the sinus venosus. It represents the junction between the sinus venarum, the "smooth" portion of the right atrium derived from the embryologic sinus veno...

Longitudinal arch of the foot

The longitudinal arch of the foot is an arch in the sagittal plane formed by the calcaneus and the metatarsals, it can be subdivided into medial and lateral arches (and the comprising osseous structures can be referred to as columns).  Medial longitudinal arch runs between the heel proximally ...

Transverse arch of the foot

The transverse arch of the foot is an arch in the coronal plane formed by the three cuneiforms, the cuboid, and the bases of the five metatarsals. They are held together by the deep transverse metatarsal ligaments. The peroneus longus and tibialis posterior tendons assist in maintaining the curv...

Coumadin ridge

A coumadin ridge, also called warfarin ridge or left lateral ridge, is a band-like embryological remnant in the left atrium between the left superior pulmonary vein and the left atrial appendage. It is considered an anatomical variant.  The ridge is formed by the coalition of the left superior ...

Chiari network

An uncommon anatomic variant present in the right atrium, a Chiari network refers to a filamentous, weblike structure that results from incomplete resorption of the embryologic sinus venosus. Epidemiology Prevalence estimates for the general population vary widely, ranging from 2% - 10% of ran...

Barium aspiration

Barium aspiration occurs occasionally during upper GI fluoroscopic studies using barium sulfate contrast, and usually only small amounts pass into the airways. Clinical presentation When only tiny quantities of barium pass into the airways (so-called microaspiration) the patient may remain asy...

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