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Associate Professor Craig Hacking is a Consultant Radiologist and the Medical Director of Medical Imaging at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital with a special interest in trauma and emergency radiology, radiologic anatomy and education and is a past director of training.

In 2015, Craig worked at the Royal Melbourne Hospital alongside Assoc Prof Frank Gaillard and began regularly contributing anatomy articles and teaching cases to Radiopaedia. He is currently a managing editor at Radiopaedia and was previously the anatomy section editor, with a background in teaching anatomy to undergraduates, medical students, surgeons and radiologists for over a decade. Craig is on the executive committee for the Australian and New Zealand Emergency Radiology Society (ANZERG) and the Academic Lead for Clinical Radiology at the University of Queensland.

Craig and Dr Andrew Dixon will be presenting anatomy, emergency and trauma Radiopaedia courses in 2020 in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

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Question 48

How many muscles attach to the scapula?


Question 49

Which organ may a ‘beaver tail’ variant be found?


Question 50

What structure forms the median umbilical fold?


Question 51

How many tendons attach to the talus?


Question 52

Which cutaneous sensory nerve supplies the greatest area of skin?


Question 96

What does the perforating cutaneous nerve of the sacral plexus perforate?


Question 97

In which skull bone is MacEwen’s triangle located?


Question 98

Which tendon runs in the groove of the trapezium?


Question 99

The crista galli is a part of which facial bone?


Question 100

Which muscle is the longest in the body?


Question 152

In pancreatic trauma, what proportion of cases are associated with a raised serum amylase or lipase?


Question 153

In pancreatic trauma, any injury to the pancreatic duct constitutes at least what American Association for the Surgery in Trauma (AAST) grade? 


Question 154

Following blunt pancreatic trauma, which of these is a late complication?


Question 155

In pancreatic trauma, a CT showing distal laceration or parenchymal injury with duct injury constitutes which American Association for the Surgery in Trauma (AAST) grade?


Question 156

Regarding pancreatic trauma, which statement regarding incidence and complication is most true?


Question 227

What proportion of renal trauma are associated with injury to other organs?


Question 228

What is the most common complication of renal trauma?


Question 229

In renal trauma, any injury to the the collecting system causing extravasation of urine constitutes at least what American Association for the Surgery in Trauma (AAST) grade? 


Question 230

In renal trauma, a laceration >1 cm without extension into the renal pelvis or collecting system and no evidence of urine extravasation constitutes which American Association for the Surgery in Trauma (AAST) grade? 


Question 237

In pancreatic trauma, a CT showing complete transection of pancreatic tail constitutes which grade according to Wong's classifcation?

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